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Zad al-Mustaqni Revisions


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We will be providing a new revised/special edition of A Commentary on Zad al-Mustaqni chapter by chapter (commencing with Kitab al-Tahaarah 2-3 months from 12/7/2020) via PDF to those who purchased a copy of the previous editions. This will either be via a mailing list or a Telegram/WhatsApp group

If you could kindly register with us at [email protected] as follows:

1) If you purchased it directly from us, please email us to opt in.
2) If you purchased it from elsewhere please email us with your proof of purchase (if you purchased it after 12/7/2020, we will require a picture of the physical copy).
3) If you do not have proof of purchase but have a physical copy of the book, please email us with a photo and place of purchase.