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Dar al-Arqam

The Necessity of Hadith

The Necessity of Hadith

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By Farid al-Bahraini

Imagine a religion in which its adherents openly reject every saying, action, and event surrounding their prophet.

It is a Qurʾānist’s reality.

What exactly would lead to this stance, this skepticism, towards ḥadīth? What would cause a Muslim to reject the teachings of the prophet that he adores?!

Everything about Islam is questionable without ḥadīths. What exactly do we know about the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) without ḥadīths? Never mind his biography, we can’t even ascertain his identity. The Qurʾān only identifies him as Muḥammad (Q. 3:144). Couldn’t this be referring to Muḥammad bin Maslama (d. 43 AH) instead of Muḥammad bin ʿAbdillāh (d. 11 AH)?

This book is directed to ḥadīth-rejecters, to Muslims in general that are on the fence, as well as to conservative Muslims that seek to reaffirm their stance in regards to the authority of ḥadīths.

109 pages

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